Summer News 2012

My stint as Maker of the Month at Concrete Wardrobe in Edinburgh was very successful and I was really pleased to have the opportunity to make a poster for the window - it was interesting seeing my work blown up to this scale. I also collaborated with a friend of mine, Little Red Jewellery, who made some fabulous pieces out of bits taken from some of my discarded screen prints - lovely!

At the end of June I was lucky enough to take part in a Seabird Drawing Course convened by John Busby and tutored by Greg Pool, Darren Woodhead and Greg Poole. Based in North Berwick for the week we spent our time visiting important sea bird sites to make drawings - this included two glorious days spent on the Bass Rock. It was a fantastic week - a rare opportunity for me to spend an intensive few days making work and meet some fellow artists and birdy-types.

Image: Helen Tworkowski

During August I made some prints from the thousands of nesting gannets I saw on the Bass Rock - bigger monotypes than I have done before and the results are very exciting!

A couple of these can be seen at the annual SWLA exhibition in London during November and the others will be shown over the winter at the Red Barn Gallery in Cumbria.

I am currently Featured Artist at Edinburgh's Marchmont Gallery for September and I will be in the studio making new work for my exhibition at the Red Barn Gallery in Cumbria and Gallery Heinzel in Aberdeen over the next couple of months.