Drawing Exhibition

I currently have a group of large, charcoal drawings in a show at East Kilbride Arts Centre.

Draw Out is a group show looking at the importance of drawing in contemporary practice.

Here is my statement for the work in the show:

My drawing method involves working on big, long bits of lining paper with charcoal on the end of a stick. This allows the first few versions of the drawing to be loose and free, I wipe off the drawing every time I finish it and start again. This gives a nice sense of the history of the drawing, leaving a trace where the original lines went.

The subject matter for the show is botanical - I've been looking at my aloe vera plant and the giant hogweed which grows near me. I like the way that I can unite these two plants through drawing them in the same method and at the same scale, even though they are completely different, in scale,look, and biology. The idea is to encourage the viewer to make comparisons that they may not have thought of before.