Wallpaper in the window

This is my third year of being Maker of the Month at Concrete Wardrobe on Broughton Street in Edinburgh and it is always nice to do something for the window. I've been toying with the idea of wallpaper design for a while now so I thought this would be a good opportunity to have a go at designing and making my own.

I took a favourite lino-cut I've made of a flying wood pigeon and turned it into a three-colour screen print design which would repeat to make a wallpaper design. Here are some photos of how it was made taken at Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop:

First layer being printed

Second layer complete and drying.

Finished and ready for the window of Concrete Wardrobe! I am Maker of the Month at Concrete Wardrobe throughout June, do pop in and have a look at my new prints as well as the wallpaper. Let me know what you think!